Michelle Patterson

CEO of The Real Share, California

In April 2019, Michelle Patterson was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. She was given three months to live. Determined not to let it overcome her, she started a movement that now has hundreds of thousands of followers.

Michelle is still alive today, wife of almost 25 years to Eric, and mother to Jaclyn and Chase. She chose not to take the methods doctors dealt out to her and instead of retreating, she decided to love her way back to health and take thousands along for the ride. Michelle is driven by the belief that everyone has something significant to contribute and that people should come together and support one another.

Michelle is the leading advocate for modern, holistic health and wellness. She has greatly impacted her community by giving women a voice and has also spearheaded reputable projects, including Groupon Getaways with 200,000 attendees nationwide.

She became a motivational speaker throughout her community, speaking on the topic of women and the difference they are making in our world. Michelle believes in giving back to her community and is a currently a board member for Loyola Marymount University Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, her alma mater.

Currently, Michelle is the President and Founder of the Global Women Foundation, a public charity that serves to provide support, leadership and advocacy for women’s initiatives around the globe. The charity, which started almost ten years ago as a local festival supporting 22 charities, has grown into a global movement for women. It is the largest community of women with a global alliance of over a million strong.

Michelle has many other business achievements in her career. She is the CEO of the California Women’s Conference, the nation’s largest and longest-running conference for women in North America, as well as the Founder, President and CEO of Women Network LLC, The Real Share, a digital media company giving women a voice to share their message. Women Network’s “Umbrella platform” shines a light on organizations and corporations who empower women and bring them together as a community to experience “We are Better Together.”

Her mediatic presence is also to be noted. Michelle is a media commentator for The Huffington Post, CNBC, Fox Business News, Bloomberg, and a regular guest on ESPN radio and hundreds of TV and radio stations. She also hosts two podcasts – The Real Share and Dear Jane – and is a headlining author for a women’s anthology, Women Change the World, featuring notable celebrity contributors, as well as five other books.

During her many years working towards a better world, she was given several awards:
– Woman of the Year by the World Boxing Council
– Lifetime Achievement Award by President Barack Obama and the Corporation for National and Community Service
– Corporate Advocate Award by the Los Angeles Business Journal
– Women’s Elevation Award by Pepperdine University at their Global Perspectives Conference

Michelle is a Knighted Dame for her humanitarian work by the Knights of the Orthodox Order of St. John Russian Grand Priory, a thousand-year organization. She has also been invited on several occasions to speak at the United Nations and was invited as a keynote speaker on the topic of women and the difference they are making in our world.

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