Machella Nydia Brooks

Senior Living Executive Director, North Carolina

Machella goes by her middle name Nydia. She has been working at the Senior Living facility for almost 14 years, and considers the resident’s her own family.

Because she knows what it is like to take care of her own parents and her last remaining grandparent, Nydia treats the residents of her facility the same way she would want her own family to be treated.

During this stressful time in one of the most vulnerable places on earth during the pandemic, Nydia has kept the safety of the residents as well as the staff, as top priority. Nydia always has a smile to share as well as words of encouragement.

In her facility almost half of the residents deal with dementia related issues, and a lack of a normal routine and above all visits family had started to take a toll on their well-being. Nydia didn’t just accept this new normal, rather she went above and beyond, helping connect residents with their loved ones more frequently using technology, and trying to find other ways of engaging them.

For one resident’s birthday, she arranged a cake and a little birthday celebration outside for her and her family. These small gestures mean the world to the resident, and to the families that had gone on for months without seeing each other.

Nydia personifies love and care, and it shows in her treatment of both residents and families.

Lisa from Gemma Gallery will join us in awarding Nydia with this piece. Thank you to Lisa for nominating her.
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