Joy Drummond-Audain

Registered Oncological Nurse, New York

Joy has been a registered nurse for over 26 years. Nursing is her passion and she says she has wanted to be a nurse since she was 10 years old.

Joy works at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York, one of the most respected Cancer Hospitals in the world. She has worked in almost every area she can think of, from the ER to visiting patients in the comfort of their own homes. She is the nurse that all the others go to when they need help, because Joy can get an IV into the the patient that no other nurse can!

In the community, Joy has been a spokesperson at Cancer Awareness events, bringing awareness to health screenings for early detection and prevention of cancer. During the pandemic, she has on the front lines taking care of some of the most vulnerable cancer patients. Cancer didn’t stop during a pandemic as she says, and therefore her patients still received their chemotherapy in light of everything. She had to do all of this while trying to stay safe for herself and family..

Apart from being a nurse, she is also a mother and wife, and daughter. At one point her father was diagnosed with COVID-19 and as a high risk patient Joy had to take care of him in addition to everything else. Fortunately, he recovered and is doing great!

Fortunoff Fine Jewelers will join us in honoring Joy with this piece. Thank you to Phillip Maroof for nominating Joy.

Sterling Silver Popcorn Gemstone & Diamond Classic Cuff Bangle

In appreciation for her efforts before and during these times, with so many of our loved ones who go through Cancer every single day, we are giving Joy our Blue Topaz, diamond and Sterling silver popcorn bangle. Joy loves jewelry and stacking her pieces. This piece because it features silver with diamonds will go with everything. The blue topaz is known as a gemstone of “Joy” so this color could not be more appropriate than for her! Best of all, this piece is a cuff and she will never have to fuss with a clasp getting it on and off her when she really needs to.