Jory Zimmerman

Critical Care Nurse Practitioner, Illinois

Jory is a very dedicated nurse, passionate about helping those in need of critical care.

Jory is an avid outdoorsman and for quite a number of years, he worked as a salesman for a wholesale diamond company in San Francisco. While working there, he would often lead day hikes on the weekends open to anyone who would join him, around the hills of Marin County. One day, while at the trail head, Jory slipped on a rock and broke his tibia and ankle – this sent him on a path to where he is today. His injuries were serious enough that a plate was placed in his leg and large screws were placed in his ankle to hold him together.

After about 10 months of rehab, Jory decided to change his profession. He wanted to give back and help others, so he began studying to become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

One day during his time working as an EMT, Jory was climbing in the foothills of Colorado with a friend, when they came upon another climber that had fallen a big distance; this young man had multiple injuries, and the help Jory gave to this climber had a profound impact on Jory.

He then decided to study nursing. He took night courses and later studied at the University of Miami. Jory graduated with honors from an accelerated program and took his first nursing job in the Cardiac ICU at the University of Alabama Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. From there, he began studying again to become a nurse practitioner, while he continued to work full-time as a nurse.

Jory recently graduated and became board certified as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, dedicating his life to his passion.

When the pandemic was at its peak in New York, Jory left his job in the ICU at the University of Maryland Hospital to volunteer to work in a Covid-19 unit for 2 months at Langone Hospital in Brooklyn. The hospital was flooded with patients, filling their entire ICU unit, as well as many of the surgical units, with intubated Covid-19 patients. However, Jory persevered in his quest to make life easier for others that needed help.

He left his friends, his girlfriend and his apartment in Maryland, moved to New York, paying rent in both Maryland and New York. He felt it was the right thing to do. He put himself in harm’s way because he knew he could help.

Jory purchased his own PPE and replacement filters for his equipment so that he could safely do this work in New York, with the daily risk that he took exposing himself to this insidious disease.

Once he finished his 2-month service in New York, he went to Jasper, Alabama and worked in a hospital there, continuing to help those that couldn’t help themselves, while still continuing his studies to become a nurse practitioner.

He is currently working at the University of Illinois Hospital in the ICU and helping to care for Covid-19 patients, and will soon be moving to another part of the country to continue his mission of helping.

We thank Garry Zimmerman and Windy City Diamonds for nominating
Jory Zimmerman.

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