Joana Borgonos

Registered Nurse, New York

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, Registered Nurse Joana Borgonos led the way setting an example of how work should be about passion.

In the words of her friend and colleague Eric, “She likes to spread joy and optimism especially during the darkest times”. Joana currently works as an operating room nurse at New York Presbyterian Children’s Hospital.

Joana was born in the Philippines and immigrated to the United States as a young child. She was born with a heart condition that was not able to be corrected in her birth country due to limited resources available. She finally had her first open heart surgery in the U.S. at only 8 years old. As someone with a heart condition, she is considered high risk, yet her unwavering commitment to her passion of helping others did not deter her from being in the adult ICU units at the height of the pandemic in NYC.

Today Joana is back in the pediatric unit. Her effervescent personality brings joy to the children of all ages, as it did for the adults she took care of a few months ago. Joana has gone above and beyond her call of duty.

During nurse’s week in May, she volunteered to ask companies to donate products to make gift bags for her coworkers. She wanted to give hope to her friends who had been on the front lines that people out there support them and appreciate everything they do.

She likes to share her story in hopes that it will give others motivation to succeed. She may be a nurse, but her goal is to inspire people to never give up and dream big.

We thank Eric Yang for nominating Joana.

14K Gold Italian Cable Pearl Stud Earrings

In appreciation of her efforts, we award Joana with our 14k gold and pearl stud earrings from our Italian cable collection. Joana has small wrists so bracelets can get in her way , especially when working in the operating room. These earrings are so light and easy to wear she will never have to worry about them. In addition the pearl is a tribute to the national gem of the Philippines, her birth country.