Helene Daly, Alexis Harrison and Heather Dubrosky


Helene, Alexis and Heather are three woman who are making a difference in whether people eat or go hungry in their community. 

They connected via social media at the start of the pandemic last year. When the news started circulating that COVID-19 was starting to spread, they became concerned about all the elderly people they saw shopping in grocery stores. They decided they would set up a table in the center of their town to allow people to donate food they could distribute to the seniors. Little did they know that they were about to embark on a life changing mission.

When word got out of what they were doing, suddenly the food started pouring in. The community was giving back. People from other states were contacting them asking if they would drop off packages to their elderly family members that they couldn’t visit because of the distance. But then the unexpected happened. At one point a man approached their table, clearly not elderly, with a young child nearby, asking if he could have some food. It dawned on them that the pandemic had created so much food insecurity for countless people, and their town in Connecticut was no exception.

Many people will think Connecticut and think of big houses, the suburbs of white collar workers of nearby New York City. But the reality is a far cry from that perception. The essential workers, those who work the minimum wage jobs in the restaurants, and other businesses, were the first to be impacted by the pandemic. Some of these people live paycheck to paycheck, and food was becoming an issue. Helene, Alexis, and Heather just wanted to do something about it. Anyone can receive help, regardless or immigration status or age. Even today, one year after the start of the pandemic, they say the need is still as strong as ever. People are still recovering from the months of being out of work, unable to pay their rents or mortgages, or other bills. “Food is the last thing they should be thinking about.”

They are continuing on their mission, enlisting the help of others in their community to help them carry on.

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