Elizabeth Rodriguez

Nurse, Michigan

Elizabeth works in the metro Detroit area as a nurse taking care of patients on the ICU.

She has been taking care of COVID patients during the course of the pandemic, seeing things that look like scenes out of a movie. She has seen people who were otherwise young and healthy become victims of it.

But her dedicating to helping other doesn’t stop there. Elizabeth works with a food bank in Detroit’s most impoverished communities securing and distributing food to so many that are in need. She’s also worked with the social workers at her hospital to make sure that elderly patients receive food and follow up after they are released.

Elizabeth has seen many of her colleagues leave the field because of the pandemic, and respects everyone’s choice, but believes it is her duty to remain on the front lines taking care of patients until we are through this..

She is taking a first step in putting an end to it by getting vaccinated January 4th and vows to speak up in her community to make sure we don’t lose nurses, one of our most precious assets!

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