Elaine Canty

Nurse, Massachusetts

Elaine has been a nurse for 40 years and is retiring this month on her 65th birthday.

She started her career as a nurse being thrust into the world dealing with another pandemic, the HIV/AIDS crisis in the 80’s. At Boston City Hospital, she didn’t  shy away from these patients who at the time, people were afraid to help because of so many unknowns about the disease and how it was contracted. She still remembers the time when a young physician, and a colleague of hers, became so ill one day that he had to be intubated, and asked her to deliver an important message to his family for him. Those were his last words. 

She ends her career during this current pandemic, and has shown the same compassion as she did four decades ago. She worked at the nation’s first COVID-only hospital. This community hospital was turned into an epicenter for COVID patients all over Boston. When others refused to go into the patients’ rooms, she chose to do so every day without question.

Elaine loves to travel and cannot wait to get back to Italy when it is safe to do so. She grew up in a close-knit community in Boston, where she began her career, and being the youngest of thirteen children, she had many nieces and nephews to care for.

Elaine’s passion is helping others, be it through nursing or her specialty Italian meatball recipe.

Her nursing work had a big, positive impact on her patients, who sent her many thank-you cards. She has also been a great peer for other nurses and healthcare professionals who just begin their careers.

She was also the inspiration for her daughter to follow a career in nursing as well.

We thank her daughter Elizabeth, as well as Toodie’s Fine Jewelry, a member of the Royal Chain Group, for recognizing Elaine Canty.

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