Doris Kore & Amanda Kore Shilling

VA Dentist & Anesthesiologist and ICU Doctor, Washington

The Kore’s are a family of doctors.

Amanda Kore Schilling is an Anesthesiologist and an ICU doctor working in Washington State. She’s been on the front lines battling the pandemic since Washington state become one of the first places to be hit. Amanda says her mother, Doris, is the biggest hero of them all.

As an immigrant from India by way of Sri Lanka, she moved to the U.S. with her family supporting her husband who is a transplant surgeon, and raising her children sometimes all by herself, while pursuing her education to become a dentist.

She sees patients at the VA in an underserved community in Northern California, doing emergency dental cases to Vietnam, Korean, and World War II veterans, some of which are in their 90s.

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