What is the Royal Chain Heroes?

The Royal Chain Heroes is a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative, promoted by the Royal Chain Group and Phillip Gavriel. It is directed primarily to local communities and aims to share stories about everyday heroes, ordinary people who have done something extraordinary to help their community.

These stories and heroes will be recognized with the offer of selected jewels, which can also be purchased by the community, thus helping the initiative to grow.

We believe that in these trying times most of all, it is important to have hope and look forward. These are the stories that help us never stop.

Who can be a Royal Chain Hero?

Everyone is eligible to become a Royal Chain Hero, as long as they have an inspiring story to share of how their actions have changed their community positively.

Great gestures, simple ideas, inspiring actions – from health to education, from social support to overcoming social gaps. Everyone can be a hero and have a story that is worth telling.

How can I nominate a Royal Chain Hero?

Everyone in the community can nominate a Royal Chain Hero. If you are an everyday hero yourself or know one who has an inspiring story or who is an example to other communities, you can contact your local retailer from the Royal Chain Network.

How will their story be selected?

The stories received and their heroes will be selected by a jury appointed by the Royal Chain Group and Phillip Gavriel, considering their positive impact on the community, inspiration, entrepreneurship, kindness, and the possibility of replication in other communities, whatever the area, from health to education, from retail to social support.

The most inspiring stories will be recognized with a very special offer: a selection of Phillip Gavriel jewelry.

Where will their story be published?

Their story will be published on the Royal Chain Heroes website, at royalchainheroes.org, as well as social media pages for both the Royal Chain Group, Phillip Gavriel, and of all brands and retailers involved in this initiative.

How are the Royal Chain Heroes rewarded?

Every month, four stories are selected, and their heroes will receive a handpicked piece of jewelry made by Phillip Gavriel.

This special selection of jewelry will also be published and available to everyone to be purchased, online, or at the retailers’ network. So that we can all help the growth of this initiative and support local stores, which so often defines the identity of the community.

How can I purchase the selected Royal Chain Heroes jewelry?

You can purchase the selected Royal Chain Heroes jewelry, and many more pieces not featured online, on the Phillip Gavriel website, at phillipgavriel.com, or on our retail network, with over 3500 retail stores across all states.

What is Phillip Gavriel?

The Phillip Gavriel brand was created as a concept of making quality fine jewelry accessible to everyone. Our jewelry is handcrafted in Italy and across the world, with love and respect for those who make it.

Designer Phillip Gavriel comes from a lineage of jewelers and uses his experience and inspiration to create designs for today.

The Phillip Gavriel brand is an important piece of the Royal Chain Heroes Network, being the one behind the awards for our everyday heroes. Every month, it rewards four everyday heroes each with a selected piece of jewelry.

Learn more at phillipgavriel.com.

What is the Royal Chain Group?

The Royal Chain Group is a member in good standing with the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC).

The Royal Chain Group is an organization committed to the promotion of trust in the global fine jewelry industry. As such they have created a Code of Practice (COP) which is a document that defines a standard throughout the Diamond and Gold Jewelry supply chain of responsible ethical, social and environmental practices applicable to all RJC members.

What started as a basic chain company with humble beginnings in the 1970s has grown to become the industry’s leading designer, manufacturer, and importer of precious and alternative metal jewelry.

Learn more at royalchain.com.

I'm a retailer. How can I join the Royal Chain Group?

If you are an American retailer and want to be a part of the Royal Chain Network, to help make the Royal Chain Heroes initiative grow, you can join us at royalchain.com/become-a-retailer/.